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2010,, Vacheron Constantin to 1003 models of the movement for the prototype to launch a more optimized movement design, thickness 1.64 mm, 21.10 mm in diameter. At the same time, the movement more decorative plywood and the main plate magnificent; ornate; fascinating, placed in 18K made of gold.

began in 1980s,L. Leroy Watches, gold watches began to enter the heyday, the brand is no longer just the pursuit of making their own gold coins, in the style and exquisite decoration craft enough time. Chopin and Kunlun are at this time to produce a series of work of the clock is a masterpiece of gold watches, in particular, Kunlun has also broken the traditional gold table design concept, will be $20 gold coins, with sapphire glass as a mirror, so that the practicality and durability of gold coins have been improved in a step. Juvenia produced a hollow core gold table will be superb skills and beautifully carved fusion in a body, is typical of a new generation of gold in the table.

< p > although now still in the production and sale of gold brand is less and less, but in those days a masterpiece of later watches the development has a more or less can be destroyed. You can from today Breguet, Parmigiani watches money decoration, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger LeCoultre, Earl, Vacheron Constantin ultra-thin movement of a clue, even some jewelry brands are in with the introduction of a coin elements or encrusted coin jewelry.


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< p > Eska is specialized in the production of gold table factory, a reputation as the father of gold, is Tibetan gold table production patent owners. It is said that at the time of the Patek Philippe, Kunlun, Vacheron Constantin, count and other brands if the production of gold coins,
topwatchbest, we must pay a certain amount of patent fees to Eska.