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        after celebrating the Tissot watches series flagship T-Touch launched the ten anniversary,, Tissot near section time using touch technology to create exaggerated inspiration, brand and product characteristics of new website, with the click of a mouse can be gently, rotate the touch case, into the           […]

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        this is a Geneva design company launched color series "paper" table,, simple appearance without any extra modification, colorful appearance with LED display cabinet,, very fashionable       in the Basel Watch Fair in 2010, I saw a man walking in his shirt pocket watches around. My curiosity reached its peak, […]

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        inspiration machinery U disk to to watch design is available, U disk watch design published pictures from we can clearly see the internal USB, the mechanical design, and transparent design inspiration,, such as for some watch the appearance.U disk design inspiration to watch out, mechanical U disk available fine4uwatch is watchonlysale […]

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        recently, Beijing four, one of the few husband Wang Ke rumored to be the owners to apply for enforcement of repayment 6600000 yuan for a room two sell, Chaoyang District court has accepted the case. But before long, Wang Ke was also the explosion of credit card debt amounted to 2600000 […]

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                in West Lake met the LVMH watch and jewelry department general manager Weng Bingxian China District, one of her sentence is impressive, "in fact, buy watches the most can see a city consumption ability and fashion."         tag heuer 150 anniversary PARTY, Weng Bing […]

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        OMEGA for the Olympic countdown (Simon Yam live endorsement) watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch OMEGA (OMEGA) watch, a time scale, a status symbol! OMEGA as a standard,, track and field, swimming timer in the sailing world class competition, won the Olympic […]

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        this is a "KUUwatch" concept watch design, from designer Lö ytö Esineiden works. It belongs to the visual design, so the designer of this table is not too much explanation. The visual design, of course, not to see the function of time, but it seems this is a "KUUwatch" concept watch […]

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        Central People’s MusicRadio music February 14th new revision. After the revision of the sound of music to make more effective plate design according to the three aspects of work, life and entertainment needs. In addition to innovate in the program,, the host is also from the "new" start, after the central […]

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  &nbsp,; &nbsp,; &nbsp,; 5 Purple New Moon and axe 45 purple too thin blood dance (drawings) 45 purple too thin blood dance quiet soul Leggings 40 purple giant – killing Dragon Sword 35 powder light black light sword 50 – the black leather suite 45 purple left odious revolver 35 purple claw – a […]

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        gold watch is a class of people to watch, for parents, it means wealth, success and status; for we are young people, a gold watch is a double-edged sword, it was brilliant, absolutely meet you are with the "retro also slightly gold watch is a class of people to watch, for […]

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