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        Louis Weedon 1950000 advanced customization exposure watch brand watches,, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches,, sapphire watches

Louis Weedon 1950000 advanced customization watch exposure

Louis Weedon 2000000 senior custom wristwatch exposure

case with platinum, gold or platinum building, 42.55 mm in diameter size, suitable for both men and women wear. Each Tambour Mysterieuse basically takes 1 years to make. Pricing by the selected material and,, up to 200000 euros (about 1950000 yuan)…… Yes, this price is digital, absolutely be worthy of the name of the advanced customization!

OMEGA series models in detail

        model series detailed watch brand OMEGA, the Swiss watch brand,, mechanical watch,, quartz watch,, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watches OMEGA Model Description: every OMEGA watch models are 8 digits: similar to the A B C D. E F.G H A said: the first digital products line: 1=Constellation 2=Seamaster in the hippocampus of 3=Speedmaster constellation series series Speedmaster 4=DeVille (DeVille Prestige and Symbol) butterflies fly elegant series of 5=Louis Brandt (DeVille Tourbillon) disc flying Tourbillon series 7=DeVille (Vasarelli) disc series second digit B said: 1=Gold Case on type of material Gold Bracelet2=Steel-Gold Case on Steel-Gold Bracelet3=Steel-Gold Case on Partial Steel-Gold Bracelet4=Steel-Gold Case on Steel Bracelet 5=Steel Case on Steel Bracelet 6=Gold Case on Leather Strap7=Steel-Gold Case on Leather Strap 8=Steel Case on Leather Strap the three or four bit digital root related series of products third digit represents the size / movement watch fourth digit represents the L Bezel codes are not table ring consistent by color – they vary by model and case material .1=Blue (Steel Pro) OR Gold (Gold Pro) OR Brushed Steel (Titanium Pro Diver), 2=Polished Steel (Steel Pro) OR Gold (Two-Tone Pro) OR Blue (Gold Pro) OR Polished White Gold (white Gold Pro,, silver dial limited edition 150th Anniv. Pro) 3=Plain (Aqua Terra), Steel w/black numbers (Titanium Diver) 4=Bln

Louis Weedon introduced the Tambour series

        Louis Weedon launched Tambour series watch brand,, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

Louis Weedon launched the Tambour series

tambour lovely

cup Diamond Watch

tambour lovely cup diamond watch both rich marine style, and with the movement breath graceful, belongs to the contemporary female chronograph.

Swiss made, 5 years warranty, case diameter 34 mm, stainless steel case, white lacquered dial, 54 diamonds, Monogram embossing patterns of natural rubber strap, quartz movement, Chronograph functions: calculating the time in minutes, seconds and 1/10 seconds, waterproof 100 meters deep, luminous hands and scale, magnifier mirror date window arranged on the 4.30 position, the anti reflective sapphire glass mirror.


18k gold GMT watch price: 95000 yuan

Louis Vuitton Louis Vuitton launched the first 18K gold stainless steel double metal tambour watch. As the rays of the sun as the effect of silver dial with gold material, soft luster and texture of the metal coexist. The series debuted in the horse brother Polo Orient Hotel LV store expansion shop reopening of. This series consists of three models: GMT, a chronograph and beauty, are equipped with distinguished automatic movement.

tambour diving Ladies Watch

tambour diving ladies watch will be combined with superb technology and perfect modern feminine charm,, is the best choice for with daily.

Swiss made, 5 year warranty, dial diameter 35mm, stainless steel case, silver dial,, white Monogram embossing rubber strap, quartz movement,, diving function: one-way rotate the outer ring of the diving time display, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters, sapphire crystal mirror, with anti reflection coating, luminous dial and pointer, a date column is provided with a magnifier >

IWC registration list

        Wanguo table go top watch brands, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

"luxury ranking index" released IWC registration list


each IWC watches have behind IWC three letter brand essence

reportedly, patent "luxury ranking index" is the only one to measure the luxury brand in American wealthy in the eyes of the importance and value of the pointer, the survey from the rich customer body directly collected in a statistically meaningful data. The index covers four pillar measure brand level: continuous outstanding quality, uniqueness, social status, self promotion. The survey also measured three main achievements of the brand,, can be compared with the luxury ranking index: product value for money, willing to relatives and friends recommend brands, next time when shopping will consider again the same brand.

Wan Guobiao in this evaluation to obtain scores 7.87 points, slightly higher than the Rolex (Rolex), Vacheron Constantin (Vacheron Constantin) and other well-known line of luxury brands, in product quality,, social status, self promotion and so on have good performance, and become the most hope to their customers and recommended the best value for money valuable product.

Wan Guobiao was founded in 1868, has a long history, has now become a world-renowned Swiss watch manufacturers. In more than 141 years of history in the production of a variety of precision watch, designed for watch connoisseurs and amateurs, to love the invention, innovative products and superb technology is well known in the world.


Tissot introduced beautiful Dai Necklace Watch

        beautiful necklace watch Tissot introduced Dai watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches

beautiful Dai Necklace Watch Tissot introduced
to watch more possible……

series Necklace Watch Tissot introduced meadow

famous Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot recently launched a grand a Necklace Watch – Mei Dai series. Tissot always uphold the spirit of innovation, hope will be a variety of popular elements and decorative fashion into its long tabulation process, for all kinds of people and design suitable for different occasions of high quality products. Beautiful Dai is a dedicated to create a modern woman’s Necklace Watch, it will meter into the jewelry design, will watch changing into a necklace like elegant decorations,, which shows the designer’s fashion sense, tissot.

unique Necklace WatchThe unique creative

Tissot introduced beautiful Dai Necklace Watch with highly personalized design show the tabulation master. It’s the whole dial inlaid in a delicate decorative aluminum plate,, like lying within the Pearl mussel. Designers on the other side draw free decoration plates of gold retro pattern, depict the Phoenix Nirvana like big for beauty. A stylish black silicon resin rope hanging decorative dish above, equipped with a necklace buckle, can be hung on the chest, free interpretation of fashion. Easily overturn the decoration disc, can be read. The watch is combined with pendant, Tissot initiative, for leisure accessories and add a fashion choice.

Tissot watch www.biao168,

meadow Necklace

concise design bring easily with the

Dial design

beautiful Dai series of very simple, only in the 3 point, 6 point, 9 point and 12 point position set point scale,, make the wearer feel leisure relaxed and casual, no need to seize every minute and second. Pointer slightly shorter, head slightly rough, lovely indicating time. Table ring made of 316L stainless steel polishing, forming a circle concentric with the decoration plate, and Become pendant.

technical parameters:

mineral crystal table mirror

decorative aluminum disc


How to pay attention to waterproof watches

        how to pay attention to waterproof watches? Swiss watch brand, brand watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watches Q: how to pay attention to waterproof watches? Answer: 1 non waterproof, anti water function: ultra-thin table, table, table, lady art jewelry watches many of the recommendations,, less close to water vapor, collection when placed in a dry, non tidal place. Watch / 2 anti water device 30m: ordinary waterproof, the general function of rear lid with anti moisture for pressure mode of invasion,, but not to the immersion and swimming, because the only device against water. The above watch / 3 waterproof device: 100M rear lid lock tooth way,, soaking but not for swimming and diving. More than 4 scuba diving watch / 200m: diving and usually all should pay attention to adjust the time certainly locking each waterproof head.

Why can’t the mechanical watch is adjusted to no error

        why can’t the mechanical watch is adjusted to no error? Swiss watch brand, brand watches, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches,, sapphire watch           mechanical watch accuracy depends mainly on the balance wheel hairspring produces frequency stability degree to ensure. Due to internal and external table machine in use process many factors, resulting in the balance wheel hairspring harmonic vibration, so watch errors,, carefully adjusting also can make the error decreases relatively, but can not be completely ruled out, so,, watch as long as consistent with the table when the precision index,, namely qualified table.

Rolex oyster perpetual DATEJUST Watch

        Rolex oyster perpetual DATEJUST watch brand watch, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watch, quartz watch, ultra-thin couples watches, sapphire watch lovers watch the effect of 1+1=2,, is not so simple,, not to mention -c is to resist the erosion of years for Rolex watches.         oyster perpetual DATEJUST appeared in 1945,, Rolex launched the first watch with calendar display function, and the series of tables, which is combined with the Rolex watchmaking tradition and delicate process quality. Its appearance elegant, men and women equally suitable to wear, female and male models with different color dial. In addition to Rolex classic dial layout, the 3 point of the instantaneous calendar display and window lens,, not to add other functions. Because two people with heart, do not need too much worry, from external constraint, love is.

OMEGA limited edition watches for the Beijing Olympic Games again in Beijing Olympic Games

        OMEGA limited edition watches for the Beijing Olympic Games again Beijing Olympic brand watches, Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches,, quartz watches, sapphire watches OMEGA vice president Ke Ruisen Chinese district (right two), Jingge Department Store Group Chairman Zhao Jianzhong (middle), Olympic champion Zhuang Yong (left) Wang Junxia (left two), and star Lu Yi (right)               youth sports network 02 month 20 days: "8" in the traditional culture of Chinese Yu enthusiasm Wang and auspicious,, and China Jieyuan 113 years top Swiss watch brand OMEGA, specially selected in the February 2nd Olympic Games countdown 188 days to spring city Kunming, opened 2008 "OMEGA Exhibition Tour: prelude to the Olympic moment of glory", and released a third "Beijing Olympic Series" — hippocampal Aqua Terra limited time table to the world, to be held in Beijing twenty-ninth Olympic Games salute.               since 1932, OMEGA has 22 times the shoulder designated Olympic timing task, to record the moment of glory has created countless struggle is more high, the athletes of the world in pursuit of faster, stronger in. Today, OMEGA invited to the vice president of OMEGA China Qu Ke Ruisen sir (Carlos Cá rdenas), once in the speed of refresh China Olympic history athletes Zhuang Yong and Wang Junxia and star Lu Yi attended the grand commemorative activity.               vice president of OMEGA China Qu Ke Ruisen in "Mr. OMEGA said: exhibition tour of Olympic glorious moment" to start the ceremony: "innovation OMEGA is committed to sports timing technology, support the athletes challenge limit. OMEGA and the Olympic movement has ideas and aspirations of common, this consensus has brought great confidence to the human and the Olympic host country, join hands with each other to promote sports."               third "Beijing Olympic Series", perfect and precise collection of an               to celebrate the Beijing Olympic Games countdown 188 days, OMEGA in February 2 to the global official release is waiting the third "Beijing Olympic series"! 2008 is the OMEGA by people praise the sport watch — hippocampal series was born 60 anniversary,, therefore, OMEGA special third "Beijing Olympic Series" design into motion charm and elegance into a hippocampal Aqua Terra limited edition chronograph,, OMEGA shows the perfect and accurate brand concept.      .

Blancpain watches allure diamond touch wrist Fengyun (Figure)

        Blancpain watches allure diamond touch wrist watch brand Fengyun (Figure), the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches were originally, Royal jewels diamonds on watch or other items, to show its important and distinguished; later, social activities wearing jewelry table has become a symbol of status and taste. Women like diamond,, sexy behavior,, wrist light so that they Its brightness dazzles the eyes.; men carry casually hand dekko, suit cuff between delicate frame become elegant, diamonds in watches, at the same time it also write success and self-confidence in man smiling mouth. Time works of art gem sparkle, create new styles of design,, constitute a luxury toys. We enjoy not only time ticked away the beauty, the feeling is more noble gorgeous, design a powerful and unconstrained style and delicate superb technology,, let us feel the time running in the fun at the same time the taste of which! BLANCPAIN (Bao Po) the Lè man Tourbillon Grande Date Diamants modeling, is often mistaken for female form, but it is indeed a domineering men’s watch. Cal. 6925 movement, 7 day power tourbillon, general parts reached an astonishing 307, but this one of the most exciting part is not in the tourbillon, but more for the wonderful diamond. Clever diamonds in a spiral of radioactive lines, strike out a new line for oneself completely, diamonds was cleverly calculation, the Mosaic law the most unique: diamond inlaid into the groove from the dial, this kind of practice is to absolutely flat to dial, and the diamond is on the same plane, and the gap between the diamond and the dial is less than 1/100mm. The dial, accommodating 194 diamonds, and bezel with lugs on Diamond reached 166, nearly 10 carats of diamonds, is really a luxury and luxury.