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        this is a Geneva design company launched color series "paper" table,, simple appearance without any extra modification, colorful appearance with LED display cabinet,, very fashionable       in the Basel Watch Fair in 2010, I saw a man walking in his shirt pocket watches around. My curiosity reached its peak, […]

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        watch can also display a personal charm and taste on the one hand, the watch is very important for a strong sense of time people, after all, watch time faster than anything else, following introduction of these future watch, functional appearance are very Hyun, believe watch can also display a personal […]

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        ■ Shenzhen Special Zone Daily reporter Xu Qiang when the industry has developed to a certain stage, the exhibition can always appear at the right time, to the power. At the same time, the prosperity and development of industry and promote the prosperity and development of related exhibition. Have the whole […]

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        the latter part of the fifteenth Century, Europe from the Middle Ages in the disaster recovery,, the great geographical discovery more to promote the vigorous development of early capitalism, at the same time is spread from Italy to the Renaissance of Europe as a whole, in such an exciting and full […]

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        business travel, each time from the bag with a mobile phone to watch the time Is it right? Feel tired? In fact, you wear a taste of the watch,, it’s enough to make you have a type of travel, add to your charm. business travel, each time from the bag with […]

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OMEGA countdown remember Liu Xiangpo record

        OMEGA countdown to remember Liu Xiangpo record watch brand, the Swiss watch brand, mechanical watches, ultra-thin couples watches, quartz watches, sapphire watches Chinese "trapeze" Liu Xiang in Switzerland in July 12th,, the Lausanne athletics super grand prix in 12 seconds 88 won the men’s 110 m hurdles world champion, and broke […]

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