In the name of Princess glorious time inventory watch behind the Royal legend watch auction us

is now the collection,, it is not as boundless as the sea and sky, the pack. Since the famous old brand new goods be nothing difficult,, rare, also can make the young nobles scramble for the royal family in europe. Monaco Leini AI Royal that several not easy the princess and the prince all watch connoisseurs and buyers. Relied on them from France and Switzerland, very close to the convenience, often shuttle between the Three Kingdoms, get good table block Kexin, than the ZA change clothes also easy to do.

Royal watches Pinnacle: Breguet series

queen of Naples

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > the queen of Naples (Reine de Naples) series watch name to Napoleon’s sister Carolina & middot; Murat (Caroline Murat). Carolina & middot; Murat alive bought 34 Breguet table, one of the most outstanding is Breguet created in 1812 a built-in thermometer hit spring meter. This was fixed on the gold woven strap on the watch to become the world’s first watch. Now the birth of this watch has been going on for nearly two centuries, Breguet for the introduction of the memorial as Reine de Naples series of senior jewelry watches.

PClady exclusive Zhuangao unauthorized reprint,

!< p > if you want to give my wife or girlfriend to buy a watch, "the queen of Naples" series of watches is quite good,, rare egg shaped, diamond, pearl Pinctada veliger more rare is the Bijou rare lunar phases and energy display. No more than 5 pieces of the "Queen of Naples" appeared in the international auction market for several years.

Introduction _ Richemont watch school _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s network

Richemont group:

< p > Richemont create in 1988, including the company’s main business:, handwriting tools, leather goods, fashion jewelry, accessories, Richemont group is by the South African billionaire settle & middot; Rupert (Anton Rupert), a hand to create the group after decades of development step by step into robust, according to a turnover of 2004 look for the world’s second-largest luxury ranking in another luxury watch LVMH group.

founder of Richemont Group Profile:

· Rupert (Rupert Anton) in accordance with our statement can be said to be a standard of the rich two generations, his father settled (Anton) rely on liquor and wine, and then the rapid development of the tobacco industry was controlled by 90% of the tobacco market in South Africa, some tobacco companies in the United Kingdom also have shares. But settle & middot; Rupert and unwilling to inherit his father, is just the beginning of keen interest in their hobbies management South Africa’s most famous two vineyards,, old settle Richemont group was founded in 1988 when, Rupert is involved in the separation of assets and restructuring, and listed on the Swiss securities exchange of the Richemont, which he put into the family business the first substantive work, after they gradually over Richemont’s things.


Development of

Richemont group:

After the establishment of the company has been rapid development, in 1990s, the performance is particularly prominent,, with · Rupert’s words: "the company is like standing in the elevator, you are standing still, it will have been rising".

< p > but short-lived, due to operating costs are too high in 2002 appeared capital operation without problems, which also dragged down the product development process caused by the decline in the vicious circle of sales performance in a straight line,, but settled & middot; Rupert quickly identify problems decisive off too much store compression operating costs, looking for professional managers and product R & D personnel to launch new products, in the year launched a new series of watch and jewelry, and some cheaper products, other brands have followed suit, soon new listing sales accounted for group sales of more than 20%. Under the leadership of Rupert, the company will reverse the plight of two years.



have watch brand:

< p > the company after the establishment of wantonly expansion and acquisition of luxury brands, most proud of is had to grab the hands of the rival LVMH group (IWC), -LeCoultre (Jaeger LeCoultre), A. Lange & amp; S & ouml; HNE (Lange). After each top watch brand convergence currently owns dozens of luxury watch brand, some brands are as follows:


Zenith watches where to buy watch

crocodile leather strap

< p > strap is expensive than belt, and this is reflected in the crocodile leather strap,
Graham Watches, a original original estimated price estimation in 2000 yuan of above, luxury brands sell 4000-5000 yuan are not unusual. Allegedly crocodile crocodile leather strap is farmed alligator strap for the American alligator, and caiman,, before quality as well.

1, caiman and alligators are two different varieties in different growing sites; Crocs,

crocodile strap

< p > 2,
Michele Watches, used in the fabric of the Cayman crocodile skin texture is irregular torus, and alligator is trellis design;

3, Alligator Crocodile Leather is better than Kaimen, Kaimen on a "brittle" crocodile skin;

< p > 4, alligator is more valuable, in the fabric of the best, and its aesthetic value and also the Cayman crocodile leather can not be compared.

With Patek Philippe [5040] feel different figure _ watch _ auction _ fashion watch _ Pacific women’s

same 5040 different feeling

machine No. 3128019,Tudor watches, case No. 4316823,Zenith watches, No. 5040G. About 2006.

< p > 18K white gold, with a calendar function, moon phase, 24 hours indicated and 18K platinum Patek Philippe hidden buckle core types of 240Q.


: the estimated price of CHF

price including commission: 43750 CHF

with the same paragraph, Patek Philippe 5040 different feeling

< p > Patek Philippe from 1992 launched a barrel shaped watchcase 5040, although its production life of up to 16 years old (1992-2008), but total output is not large,
HERMES WATCHES, so the market saw the opportunity is not much. Before seen a 5040, is very like, solid gold word, although it is still used in 240 circular core, but disk scale distribution profile is arranged in accordance with the watchcase shape, looks simple and elegant. This is only on the surface of the circular track on the increase in the scale, to tell the truth, I feel a bit strange. However, from the results of the transaction, or someone like it.